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Why Compare Manchester Car Insurance With SimplyQuote?

We understand how time-consuming, stressful and overwhelming comparing car insurance quotes can be, especially when you’re bombarded with a never-ending list of UK insurance providers.

Living in Manchester has its perks – from Old Trafford and museums to a vibrant nightlife – but it also has a downside: expensive car insurance (due to higher vehicle thefts).

Luckily, SimplyQuote has you covered with the 100% free, online comparison tool.

Quickly scour the insurance market and find the best car insurance deal today. Just fill in the online form with a few basic details, adjust the filter toggles and click “compare quotes” – it’s that simple!


What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

Why Do You Need Car Insurance In Manchester?

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What Does Manchester Car Insurance Cover?

What Types Of Car Insurance Are Available In Manchester?

Here’s a list of various car insurance types in Manchester:

Learner driver

Learner driver insurance is a temporary cover that gets you behind the wheel to practice. It allows you to learn in your own car or someone else’s (with their permission) and protects you if there’s an accident.

Note: Leaner driver car insurance is also called provisional driver insurance.

New driver

You can get a new driver insurance policy if you’ve recently passed your driving test. Candidates for this insurance cover are typically between 17 and 25 years old. Due to your lack of driving experience, new driver car insurance policies tend to be higher, as you’re statistically “higher risk”.

Pro insight: Your insurance premium will generally decrease, the longer you’ve been driving.

Over 50 driver

An experienced driver, over 50, tends to have the cheapest cover in Manchester. This is because you’re seen as a mature driver showcasing safe driving habits.

Note: To be fair, most drivers over 25 are classified as “experienced drivers” and may receive cheaper car insurance in Manchester from this age bracket up.

What Levels Of Car Insurance Can You Get In Manchester?

There are three levels of car insurance in Manchester to choose from, namely:

  1. Third-party only (TPO)
  2. Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)
  3. Fully comprehensive car insurance


This is the lowest level of car insurance and is the bare minimum required by UK law.

It protects you against third-party claims should you injure someone or damage their vehicle/property while driving; but won’t cover any costs you incur (e.g. vehicle repair, medical bills, etc.)

For instance, you knock over a pedestrian when swerving or have an accident with oncoming traffic.


This is a mid-tier level of cover that includes basic TPO cover.

TPFT will also pay if your vehicle is damaged by fire or stolen. However, it won’t pay for repair costs for your vehicle.


Comprehensive car insurance offers the highest level of cover, including both TPO and TPFT.

Insurance providers will pay for third-party claims as well as vehicle repair or replacement costs for your vehicle. Some comprehensive cover plans may include:

  • Key replacement
  • Windscreen protection
  • No Claims Discount (NCD)

What Add-Ons Are Available For Manchester Car Insurance?

What Is The Cost Of Car Insurance In Manchester?

Insurance ProviderAnnual Price (£)
Hastings Direct£616
AXA Insurance£703
Hastings Essentials£754
People’s Choice£795

Why is Manchester car insurance so expensive?

AreaVehicle Crime Rate per 1,000 people
Abbey Hey Gorton (M18)4.4
Wythenshawe Northenden Sharston Industrial Area (M22)5.1
Chorlton-cum-Hardy Firswood (M21)5.4
Harpurhey Blackley (M9)7.0
Hulme Manchester Science Park (M15)7.6
Ardwick Longsight Chorlton-on-Medlock (M12)10.9
Manchester City Centre Blackfriars Trinity (M3)35.2
Ancoats Northern Quarter Strangeways (M4)37.0

How Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance In Manchester?

Here are 10 ways to save on your car insurance in Manchester:

Don’t settle for one car insurance quote

Always shop around and get quotes from multiple insurance providers. Prices can vary significantly between companies, so comparing can help you find the best deal.

Increase your excess

Voluntarily choosing a higher excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim) can reduce your premium. However, ensure you can afford the excess if you need to make a claim.

Secure car overnight

Installing security devices such as alarms, immobilisers, and tracking systems can reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, potentially lowering your premium.

Limit mileage

If you can reduce the number of miles you drive annually, you might qualify for a lower premium. Some insurers offer discounts for low-mileage drivers.

Park safely

Parking your car in a secure location, like a garage or off-street parking, can reduce the risk of theft or damage

No-claims bonus

Building a no-claims history can significantly reduce your premium. Many insurers offer substantial discounts for drivers who haven’t made a claim in several years.

Choose your car wisely

The type and model of your car can affect your insurance cost. Generally, smaller and less powerful cars are cheaper to insure.

Do an advanced driving course

Some insurers offer discounts for drivers who have completed advanced driving courses, as these can improve driving skills and reduce the risk of accidents.

Limit optional extras

While add-ons like courtesy cars or legal cover can be beneficial, they can also increase your premium. Only choose the extras you genuinely need.

Check for discounts

Some insurers offer discounts for things like buying online, being a member of certain organisations (e.g. car clubs) or bundling multiple insurance policies.

Remember, while it’s essential to find affordable insurance, it’s equally crucial to ensure you have the right level of cover to protect yourself and your vehicle. Always read the policy details and understand what’s included and what’s not.

How To Compare Manchester Car Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Finding cheap car insurance in Manchester with SimplyQuote is easy:

  1. Fill in the short form: Tell us about yourself, your vehicle, and your location.
  2. Choose policy add-ons: Choose which additional cover add-ons you want.
  3. Compare quotes: Get automated car insurance quotes to suit your budget.
  4. Save money: Get the best deal and start saving today.

Compare car insurance quotes from an extensive list of UK insurance providers and find the best deal that works for you today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manchester car insurance?

Manchester car insurance is no different to standard motorcar insurance in the UK, protecting you against third-party claims and road-related liability disputes. It’s just specifically designed for Manchester residents.

Why does where you live affect the cost of car insurance?

Let’s take a closer look at why your location affects your insurance premium:

  1. Crime rates: Areas with higher crime rates, especially vehicle thefts and vandalism, can lead to higher insurance premiums. Insurers assess the risk of your car being stolen or damaged due to criminal activities based on local statistics.
  2. Traffic density: Urban areas with dense traffic can have a higher likelihood of accidents compared to rural areas with less traffic. More vehicles on the road can increase the chance of collisions.
  3. Accident hotspots: Some areas might have intersections or stretches of road known for frequent accidents. Living near such hotspots can raise your insurance costs.
  4. Weather patterns: Locations prone to severe weather conditions, such as floods, hail, or hurricanes, can result in higher claims for weather-related damages, influencing insurance rates.
  5. Local repair costs: The cost of repairs can vary by location. In areas where parts and labour are more expensive, insurance premiums might be higher.
  6. Number of uninsured drivers: In areas with a higher number of uninsured drivers, insured drivers might have to file more claims, leading to higher premiums for everyone.
  7. Economic conditions: In areas with economic challenges, there might be a higher likelihood of claims, affecting insurance rates.