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Why Compare Convicted Drivers Car Insurance with SimplyQuote?

We understand comparing convicted drivers’ car insurance can be stressful and time-consuming. And you’ve probably wondered if you can even get car insurance with motoring convictions or a criminal record, right?

The good news is that many convicted drivers can get car insurance cover in the UK and SimplyQuote helps you compare quotes with ease.

The online comparison tool is 100% free and compares various convicted car insurance quotes from leading UK insurance providers, ensuring you get the best deal.

When looking for cheap car insurance, even with driving convictions on your record, use SimplyQuote’s comparison service today!

What Do You Need To Get Insurance For Convicted Drivers?

What Are The Levels Of Convicted Driver Insurance Cover

Car insurance for convicted drivers generally provides the same level of cover as a standard car insurance policy – but at a higher fee, namely:

Third-party only (TPO)

Third-party-only insurance is a bare minimum car insurance for convicted drivers – and usually the cheapest too! It doesn’t cover you for any damages to your own car, but it does mean you’re covered for damages to a third-party property or persons.

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

Third-party, fire and theft insurance covers convicted drivers for damage to a third-party vehicle and/or driver, as well as theft and fire damage to your own car.


Comprehensive insurance includes the same level of cover of TPO and TPFT with the addition of:

  • Repair or replacement of broken/damaged windscreens
  • Personal injury cover for the vehicle driver
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Cover for using the incorrect fuel type
  • Key replacement

When won’t you be covered?

You won’t be able to get car insurance if you are serving a driving ban. You’ll have to wait until the ban is over before you arrange for a convicted driver’s car insurance policy.

Additionally, you will be excluded by insurance providers if you fail to disclose your unspent criminal and/or driving offences.

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How Does A Criminal Conviction Affect Your Car Insurance?

Which Add-ons Can You Get For Convicted Driver Car Insurance?

You can add several extras to your car insurance policy, ranging from breakdown to European cover. These are similar to standard motor vehicle insurance additions.

Here’s a list of options:

Personal accident cover

This means that your insurance company will pay out if you’re killed or injured as a result of an accident.

Breakdown cover

Adding this option means that you’re covered if your car breaks down and you require roadside assistance.

International driver insurance

This will give you cover if you want to take your car overseas to drive in the EU and other countries. Some countries may not allow a convicted driver to drive on their roads, so you need to check this before travelling abroad.

Windscreen cover

Having a windscreen cover included in your convicted driver insurance policy means that you’re covered for the costs of repair or replacement if your windscreen is shattered or cracked.

Courtesy car cover

This covers the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle whilst your car is being repaired, and usually, you can keep the courtesy car for as long as it takes for your car to be ready to use.

Note: Some insurance providers may have limitations to what can and cannot be added to convicted driver’s insurance.

How Long Do Criminal Convictions Stay On Record?

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Do You Need To Tell Insurance Providers About Criminal Convictions?

Type of SentenceOver 18sUnder 18s
Community order/Youth rehabilitation orderUntil last day of orderUntil last day of order
Sentences of 1 year or less1 year6 months
Sentences of 1 to 4 years4 years2 years
Sentences of more than 4 years7 years3.5 years

What Are The Different Types Of Driving Offences?

Not stopping after an accident4 – 10
Dangerous driving3 – 11
Driving with broken or faulty lights3
Speeding3 – 6
Careless driving3 – 9
Dangerous driving (repeat)3 – 11
Accumulated PointsPeriodResulting Disqualification
12+ points within three years6 monthsFirst disqualification
Second disqualification within three years12 monthsExtended disqualification
CD10Careless driving
MS90Failing to provide identifying information
TT99Having too many penalty points
TS10Disobeying a traffic signal
IN10Having no car insurance
CU80Using a mobile phone while driving
SP50Exceeding the speed limit on a motorway
SP30Exceeding the speed limit (excl. motorways)
DR10Drink driving conviction
DR20Severe drink driving conviction

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How Much Is Convicted Drivers Car Insurance?


How To Get Cheap Convicted Driver Insurance?

Convicted drivers can get cheaper car insurance in many ways; from paying premiums annually to increasing voluntary excess.

Let’s take a closer look:


Pay premiums annually

It might seem a lot of money but paying premiums upfront can work out cheaper in the long run as monthly instalments often come with added interest.


Opt for higher voluntary excesses

If you can afford higher voluntary excess payments, you save money on your overall car insurance premiums.


Do less mileage

Reducing your mileage can help lower the costs of your insurance policy. Doing fewer miles means you’re less likely to have an accident which means insurance providers will consider you a lower risk.


Black box policies

Agreeing to have a black box installed in your car is a good way to lower your insurance costs, as your insurer can monitor your driving using telematics. If you can demonstrate to them that you’re a safe and careful driver, your premiums should be reduced.


Lower car insurance groups

If the car you drive is in a low insurance group, it means that it’s considered safer than cars in higher groups, and insurance providers will charge you less to insure it.


Compare car insurance quotes

One of the best ways to find cheaper car insurance is to compare multiple quotes from different insurers. SimplyQuote’s comparison tool is 100% free to use and makes comparing convicted driver quotes a breeze.


Car security

Keep your vehicle in a secure area when not in use. This reduces the risk of vandalism, burglary and theft and will keep premiums to a minimum.


Avoid modifications

The more unique your car, the higher the insurance premiums you’ll pay. This is because these vehicles are generally more expensive to repair.


Prove you are trained

Taking an advanced driving course proves you are a responsible driver and could potentially lower your monthly premiums.


How To Compare Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is convicted driver insurance?

Convicted driver insurance is a specialised car insurance for those who have driving convictions on their record. These convictions can range from speeding offences to more serious convictions like drunk driving or driving without insurance. If you have serious criminal convictions, such as jail time or a driving ban, some insurers may not insure you while others will.

The good news is if you have unspent convictions, many insurers provide insurance for convicted drivers. While you’ll likely pay higher premiums when compared to standard car insurance policies, they usually give you the same amount of cover.

Insightful tip: Unspent convictions mean you are undergoing rehabilitation (and you’ll need to declare this to your insurance provider), whereas spent convictions mean your rehabilitation phase has lapsed (i.e. your slate is clean) and you don’t have to declare these.

What’s the difference between unspent and spent convictions?

Unspent convictions mean you are undergoing rehabilitation (and you’ll need to declare this to your insurance provider), whereas spent convictions mean your rehabilitation phase has lapsed (i.e. your slate is clean) and you don’t have to declare these.

What happens if I don’t declare my convictions when taking out an insurance policy?

If you fail to declare any unspent convictions to an insurance company when taking out a policy, your policy will most likely become invalid. This means that you wouldn’t be covered if you had any accidents, and the insurer would refuse to pay out for a claim.

Will a no-claims discount make my convicted driver’s insurance premiums cheaper?

If you have a no-claims discount, this will most likely reduce the cost of your insurance, but your premiums will still be higher than they would be if you had both no claims and no convictions.

Can a banned driver insure a car?

Generally, car insurance providers will not cover you if you have a driving ban.