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To save you time and hassle, SimplyQuote brings the insurance market to you. We compare quotes from a range of the UK’s leading driving instructor insurers and present you with the best options.

With SimplyQuote, you can quickly and conveniently find a great deal and be protected on the roads with your learners.

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Who Needs Driving Instructor Insurance?

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What Does Driving Instructor Insurance Cover?

Driving instructor insurance offers similar types of cover to that available in standard car insurance.

  • Comprehensive
    – A comprehensive insurance package protects your adapted dual-control car from a range of risks, such as loss, damage, replacement, and repairs. It also incorporates third-party, fire and theft cover. Comprehensive insurance offers great peace of mind; however, you may pay more for the assurance.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
    – Covers you for fire and theft and if you cause injury or loss to a third party such as another driver.
  • Third Party
    – Protects you financially if you cause injury or loss to a third party.

What additional driving instructor insurance is there?

As a driving instructor, you effectively operate your business from your car. Therefore, there are several additions you should consider including in your insurance.

What modifications are covered by driving school insurance?

Car modifications that driving instructor insurance usually covers include:

  • Dual controls
  • Extra speedometer and mirrors
  • Disability equipment
  • Signage on your car

If you have modifications be sure to check that the policy covers them.

Are there excesses and exclusions on driving school instructor insurance?

  • Excess:
    Instructor insurance policies will have an excess which is the amount you must pay yourself when you make a claim. The higher the excess, the cheaper your premiums; the lower the excess, the higher your premiums. The excess amount should always be an important decision. You want to balance affordability now against affordability in the future when you have to claim.
  • Exclusions:
    Be aware some insurance companies may have exclusions in their policies. For example, drivers under 25, instructors with points on their driving records, or certain vehicle modifications may be excluded from cover. Check carefully to make sure your risks and circumstances are fully and properly covered by the policy offered.

How Much Does Driving Instructor Insurance Cost?

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How Can I Reduce The Cost Of My Driving Instructor Insurance?

Here are a few ways to access lower driving instructor insurance premiums:

Shop for several quotes

There are many insurance providers in the market and smart comparison sites let you find competitive instructor insurance cover easily and conveniently. Shop around to see what’s on offer and target the policy and the premium that works best for you.

Accept a higher excess

If you are willing to bear a higher excess, it can significantly reduce your premiums.

Clean driver records

For schools, only employing and insuring instructors with clean driving records helps lower costs.

Secure parking

Housing your car in a secure parking area supports lower premiums.

Anti-theft measures

Anti-theft devices in the car, including a tracker, can potentially lower insurance rates.

Pay the policy annually

Try to pay your premium annually rather than in monthly instalments. When you pay upfront for the year, you can usually negotiate a better deal with the insurance provider.

How To Choose The Right Driving Instructor Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is driving instructor insurance?

Driving instructor insurance is specialised insurance designed to protect driving instructors and driving schools from the risks associated with the job. Accidents happen during driving instruction, sometimes causing injury and damaging vehicles and/or property. Driving instructor insurance helps cover costs associated with these accidents and injuries as well as legal claims that may arise.

Can driving instructors add multiple vehicles to their insurance policy?

Many insurance providers offer policies that allow driving instructors to add multiple vehicles to their insurance policy. There are often discounts for insuring several cars on the same policy.

Is driving instructor insurance required by law in the UK?

All driving instructors are legally required to have insurance in the UK. Driving instructor insurance is tailored to the profession and differs from standard car insurance policies, which don’t adequately address the risks associated with driving instruction.