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Why Compare Motorbike Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

There are so many different motorcycle insurance providers in the UK – it can be a real hassle to find a policy to meet your motorbiking needs.

SimplyQuote can help you easily find motorcycle insurance quotes from the top insurance providers in the UK.

With the free comparison tool, you will receive quotes within minutes, so you no longer have to spend hours looking for policies online.

We’re completely independent and unbiased, putting your interests first.

Provide us with information on yourself and your bike, and you will get a no-obligation motorbike insurance quotetailored to your needs and budget.

Do I Need Motorbike Insurance?

Yes, motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you want to ride your:

  • Motorbike
  • Scooter
  • Moped

Just like car insurance, motorbike insurance covers your own vehicle as well as damage to third parties – depending on your insurance policy.

As a minimum, you’ll require third-party only motorbike insurance, according to UK law. If you have a motorbike that’s not being ridden, you must get a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) for it from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

With insurance, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing you’re protected should you be in an accident or if any damage occurs to your bike.


What Are The Different Levels Of Motorbike Insurance Cover?

There are three standard levels of motorbike insurance cover, which will impact how protected you are and the cost of your premiums.


This bike insurance policy provides the most cover. Comprehensive insurance provides protection for you, your bike, and anyone (or anything) involved in an accident – no matter whose fault it is.

It may also include motorbike accessories like luggage, cameras, or sat-nav.

Comprehensive cover will protect you if your bike is stolen, or damaged, or you are injured in an accident.

Third-party, fire and theft

This is an intermediate level of cover, protecting third parties involved in an accident caused by you, as well as if your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.

A third party will be protected if their vehicle or property is damaged or if they’re injured because of you and your bike.

Third-party only

This is a legal minimum requirement and the most basic level of bike insurance cover.

Third-party insurance provides cover to other people, their vehicles, or their property. Neither you nor your bike will have any cover with this policy if you’re at fault.

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Which Motorbike Insurance Policy Classes Are Available?

What Are Some Additional Motorbike Insurance Policies?

If you’re looking for something more specific than a standard motorbike insurance policy, here are some additional policies to consider:

Short-term insurance

This policy provides temporary cover for a set period, like a day, week, or month. So, if you only take your bike out during the summer months, this is a viable option for you.

It can also protect you if you borrow a friend’s bike, ride a rental, or test-ride a new bike.

Note that when your bike is not insured (like during the winter months), you’ll need to have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) for your motorcycle.

Classic bike insurance

Classic motorcycles are generally more valuable than modern bikes and require specialist insurance to protect them from fire, theft or damage.

Usually, any motorbike over 15 years old is considered a classic bike; however, it depends on your insurance provider.

Some insurers offer coverage for modern classic bikes, which are slightly younger, and future classic bikes, which are bikes that have a legitimate expectation of earning classic status.

Learner and young rider insurance

This insurance policy protects those learning to ride a bike, scooter or moped.

16-year-olds can only ride mopeds and scooters up to 50cc. Riders who are 17+ can ride a moped, scooter, or small motorcycle up to 125cc on the road as a learner, with a provisional licence and a compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate (and the right motorbike insurance!).

Trike and quad insurance

Trikes and quads (ATVs) are not included under a standard motorbike insurance policy. Insurance for these vehicles provides protection for accidents relating to owning and riding a trike or quad (even if the ATV isn’t road-legal).

Scooter and moped insurance

Scooters and mopeds up to 50cc are considered small motorcycles and must be properly insured.

If this is the first bike of a new rider under the age of 25, the premiums will be higher as the rider’s chances of causing an accident are high.

Modified bike insurance

Modifying a bike can increase its value and power – as well as the likelihood that it will be stolen or involved in an accident.

The modifications covered by the policy will vary between motorbike insurance providers, so it is best to always check what’s covered.

For example, a custom-made chopper may require specialist cover.

If you modify an insured motorcycle, you need to inform your insurance provider otherwise you may void your policy.

Some modifications, like immobilisers and anti-theft devices, may lower your motorbike insurance premium.

Multi-bike insurance

If you ride more than one bike or own a motorbike and a moped, you can insure them all under a single policy. This is cheaper than insuring each bike individually.

Most motorbike insurance policies will cover different types and models of bikes (e.g. classic, superbikes, scooters, and sports) under a single policy. It’s not only more affordable, but it will also be much easier when it is time to renew your policy or pay your premium.

Pay as you go

If you only ride your bike occasionally – like a spontaneous bike ride one sunny weekend – then you may only need a policy that allows you to pay as you go.

It differs from short-term cover as you’re only covered for when you actually ride your bike.

When not using your bike, you need to have a SORN.


This add-on is useful if you have a dirt bike or often go off-road riding, like motocross.


Cruiser bikes are usually built for comfort and distance and go at slower speeds. If you wish to go touring with your bike, this is a good policy to consider.

What Is Typically Excluded From Motorbike Insurance?

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What Are The Motorbike Insurance Add-Ons?

Riders who want to increase their cover can consider the following add-ons:

Breakdown cover

Most standard policies do not cover repairs or breakdowns. Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance, motorcycle recovery, and onward travel.

Helmet and leathers cover

Protective riding gear can be expensive, and some standard motorcycle insurance policies don’t include gear.

Pillion cover

You need to meet some legal requirements if you wish to carry passengers on your bike:

  • You must have pillion cover
  • Your bike must have a passenger seat
  • It must have footrests for the passenger
  • You must have the correct licence for the class of bike you’re riding

Pillion cover will protect you if your passenger claims for personal injury and medical expenses, but it won’t cover the passenger’s belongings or damage to the bike.

Personal liability cover

This add-on provides financial assistance to the rider, passenger, and families of the rider and passenger if they are seriously or fatally injured. If you’re the rider at fault and there’s no third party involved, then personal liability cover will help.

No-claims discount protection

A no-claims discount, also called a no-claims bonus, is a reduction of your premium for driving safely and not making any insurance claims. Each year you don’t file a claim (up to a maximum of 9 years) your bonus will increase.

Sidecar cover

Sidecars are usually not included in standard motorbike insurance policies. If you have a sidecar, you’ll want to get it insured separately.

Personal accident cover

With personal accident cover, you’ll be covered for any injuries as a result of an accident, or if you become permanently disabled and can no longer work.

Legal protection cover

Legal expenses cover protects you financially against the cost of legal action taken against you due to an accident caused by the other party but they’re uninsured.

European travel cover

Most policies include some cover if you take the occasional motorbike trip abroad. However, it may be limited to only certain countries or a set amount of days.

Lost or stolen keys

This cover will pay for the cost of replacing lost or stolen motorbike keys.

Wrong fuel

If you fill up your bike with the wrong type of fuel, you can claim the cost of repairs. In some instances, you may also reclaim some of the fuel cost.

How Much Does Motorbike Insurance Cost?

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How To Get Cheap Motorbike Insurance

If you want to get the cheapest motorcycle insurance from UK insurance providers, here’s what you need to do:

Compare bike insurance quotes

To get affordable insurance, you need to compare cheap motorbike insurance quotes from the top UK insurance providers. This will help you find a policy tailored to your needs and your budget.

Take an approved motorcycle training course

In addition to compulsory basic training, you can gain additional experience by taking an approved advanced training course. This will make you a better – and safer – rider.

The cost of these courses can be quite expensive, so you’ll need to weigh the benefits of lower premiums against the cost of the course.

Build up your no-claims history

The longer you ride without making a claim, the less you’ll pay.

Improve motorbike security

Park your bike in a garage or behind a locked gate, and install security devices like an immobiliser to bring down your insurance costs.

Increase voluntary excess

The more you’re willing to pay towards a claim, the less you’ll pay each month.

Remember that you’ll only pay the excess when you make a claim, and the excess will be waived if the accident isn’t your fault.

Safer drivers will be willing to pay a higher excess (since their odds of making a claim are lower) and enjoy lower premiums.

Limit annual mileage

The less you ride your bike, the more money you’ll save, simply because you’re considered less risky to your insurer.

Just make sure you are honest with your insurer about your annual mileage – if they suspect you’re lying, your policy will be invalid.

Avoid modifications

A bike with lots of modifications will cost more to insure since it will be more difficult to repair or replace. Modifications that enhance your bike’s performance may also make it more tempting to thieves, increasing the risk to your insurance provider.

Reduce insurance add-ons

Avoid getting unnecessary insurance add-ons, like pillion cover, if you don’t plan on taking passengers.

Pay annually

By paying your annual insurance upfront, you’ll avoid the interest on monthly instalments, bringing down the total cost of your insurance over the course of the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add additional riders to my motorbike insurance policy?

Yes, most motorcycle insurance providers will allow you to add riders to your policy; however, it will increase your premium. The cost increase will depend on the experience and riding history of the rider you wish to add.

The rider will be covered by the same level as your policy, meaning if you have comprehensive motorbike insurance, they’ll also get comprehensive cover.

Can I add additional bikes to my motorcycle insurance policy?

Yes, you can, if you have multi-bike insurance. If you have more than one bike you wish to insure, this is the most affordable option. Taking out individual motorcycle insurance cover on each bike can quickly become expensive.

Can I use the no-claims bonus I’ve built up on a car for my motorbike insurance?

No, there are not a lot of motorbike insurance companies that will allow you to do this.

Can I ride my motorcycle abroad?

Standard policies will allow you to ride abroad but with some limitations. These include the countries you’re allowed to ride in as well as for how long. It will make more sense to get European travel cover or comprehensive travel insurance, depending on where you wish to ride.

Are there different motorbike insurance groups?

Yes, similar to how there are insurance groups for cars, there are also motorbike insurance groups. There are 17 – 22 groups, depending on the insurance company. Bikes in lower groups are more affordable to insure.

What happens if my bike is written off?

It will depend on your insurance policy. Some insurers will provide you with a replacement motorcycle, while others will only pay out the cost of your bike.