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Why Compare Horsebox Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

SimplyQuote helps you find a great horsebox insurance deal fast. We save you the time and hassle of searching for quotes by working for you. We compare quotes from a range of different insurers and provide you with the best options. The process is quick and streamlined.

Provide us with the following information and we’ll provide you with fast, affordable quotes from the UK’s leading horsebox insurers.

1. Your personal details

Provide your name and contact details and if you’re using the horsebox to transport horses as a business.

2. Your horsebox

Tell us the make and model, size, mileage, and condition of the horsebox. Does it have any modifications or security features like a tracker or dashcam?

3. Travel and driver details

Do you transport horses long-distance or locally? How many drivers will operate the horsebox and what are their ages? Will you travel abroad with your horsebox?

Why Do You Need Horsebox Insurance?

Horsebox insurance is invaluable for horse and horsebox owners for several reasons. The prime reason for investing in horsebox insurance is that it’s a legal requirement. Having insurance for a horsebox is mandatory when transporting horses on public roads in the UK. This specialised insurance provides financial protection in case of accidents, damages, or theft involving the horsebox.

By ensuring you have the appropriate horsebox insurance, you comply with the law and safeguard yourself against unfortunate accidents while transporting your four-legged friends.

What Types Of Horsebox Cover Are Available?

The UK horsebox insurance market offers a wide range of cover options from multiple insurance providers – including Fully Comprehensive, Third-Party, and Third-Party, Fire and Theft.

Fully Comprehensive

A comprehensive insurance policy is designed to cover all the unhappy outcomes that result from an accident or theft – including repairs, replacement, and third-party cover.


This protects you if you cause injury or loss to a third party. As a horsebox owner, you are required to have third-party insurance as a minimum.

Third-party, Fire and Theft

Provides third-party insurance and covers you for loss due to fire or theft.

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What Add-On Risks Can You Cover?

How To Choose The Right Horsebox Insurance For You

How Can I Reduce The Cost Of My Horsebox Insurance?

A horsebox insurance policy shouldn’t cost you an arm or leg. Here are a few tips to help you access lower premiums.

Get multiple quotes

Don’t accept the first offer you receive. There are many insurance providers in the market and by comparing quotes online, you can access competitive cover easily and conveniently. Shop around to discover what’s on offer and find the policy and premium that works best for you.

Limited mileage policy

Comprehensive insurance may have no limits on the mileage you travel in your motorised horsebox. If you transport horses infrequently, over short distances, the risk is lower and you should be able to buy a policy that reflects this.

Pay the policy annually

If possible, aim to pay your premium upfront or annually rather than in monthly instalments. There is almost always a discount for paying annually. Be sure to negotiate the best deal with the insurance provider.

Size matters

It’s worth noting that large horseboxes tend to be more expensive to insure, with vehicles over 7.5 tonnes costing significantly more. Older transporters also tend to be more pricey to insure.

What Are The Driver’s Licence Requirements For Horsebox Insurance?

If you’re driving a horsebox for commercial purposes, you need an operator’s licence and a specialised insurance policy that reflects this.

Advanced driving qualifications or special licences may be required to drive heavier horseboxes, so it’s important to check the legal operating requirements.

Age restrictions for driving a horsebox vary by insurance provider but typically drivers must be at least 21 years old. Some horsebox policies may allow drivers under 21 to drive but the premiums will be more expensive.

Most insurance providers allow you to include multiple drivers under your horsebox insurance policy.

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Horsebox And Related Insurance

When considering horsebox cover, check that insurance relating to your horses, your own vehicle, and any trailers you use are adequate.

Pet insurance

In rare cases, a motorised horsebox insurance policy might cover some costs if your horse is injured on the road. However, to properly insure your horse for illness and injury, and take care of vet bills, invest in a pet or specialised equine insurance policy.

Horse trailer insurance

Horse owners transporting their animals in a horse trailer are advised to get trailer insurance. Typically, the trailer isn’t fully covered by the towing vehicle’s insurance.

Car insurance and van insurance

If you transport your horses in a trailer rather than a horsebox, you are legally required to have at least third-party insurance on your towing car or van. Ensure that your vehicle insurance policy allows for towing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is horsebox insurance?

Motorised horsebox insurance provides peace of mind when you transport your horse. This specialist insurance covers your horsebox on your travels. Horsebox insurance from a reputable insurance company ensures the transporting vehicle is covered for accidents, damages, breakdowns, fire, or even theft.

Can I insure a horsebox for both personal and commercial use?

Many insurance providers offer policies that cover both personal and commercial use of a horsebox. However, the premiums may vary based on the vehicle’s primary use. If you are using your horsebox to transport horses commercially for financial gain, you are legally required to have an operator’s licence.

Can I transport horses that aren’t my own under my horsebox insurance policy?

Many horsebox insurance policies allow you to transport horses that aren’t your own. For example, you could transport your friend’s animals. If you transport horses as a business, you need a specialised hire and reward policy.

Does horsebox insurance cover your horse?

Horsebox insurance typically does not cover the horse itself. To insure your horse, you need a separate horse or pet insurance policy. Be sure that coverage extends to transporting your horse.