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Why Compare Cheap Black Box Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote

If you think you are an excellent driver and want your insurance policy to reflect that, then black box car insurance may be the right option for you.

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What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

We’ll need a bit of basic information before we can provide you with a black box insurance quote:

  • Vehicle details such as registration number and whose name the car is insured in
  • Personal details like your name, location, age and average mileage
  • Your no-claims history
  • Your driving history (including any licence points or unspent convictions)
  • Named drivers (i.e. will anyone else be using the vehicle apart from you?)

Why Do You Need Black Box Insurance?

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How Does Black Box Car Insurance Work?

Black box insurance works by having a black box device installed in your car. Your insurance provider will professionally install the GPS device in your car or you can get a smaller app-linked device that you can install yourself. This device is typically installed behind your rearview mirror or dashboard.

It monitors your driving habits and regularly updates you (and insurers) on your driving score.

Essentially, black box car insurance works by tracking how well – or not so well – you drive. It’s a straightforward process, involving a few easy steps.

Get your black box installed

The most common type of telematics technology is a small GPS tracking device usually installed behind the dashboard. Alternatively, plug-in devices are also available.

Get your driver score

Your driving score will be generated based on how, when, how often and where you drive.

Get driving feedback

You can get instant feedback on your driving through your insurer’s app or website. You can improve your driving habits to save on premiums.

Pay lower premiums

When it comes to renewing your insurance policy the following year, your insurance provider will base your premiums on how well you drove previously and your premiums will be adjusted.

What Are The Rules For Black Box Car Insurance?

What Does Black Box Insurance Measure?

What Levels Of Black Box Insurance Can You Get?

There are three levels of telematics car insurance available in the UK:


Third-party only (TPO)

Third-party only is the bare minimum level of car insurance cover you need to legally drive on UK roads. It only covers costs in instances where third-party persons or vehicles have been injured or damaged. It does not cover any costs to you (the driver) or your car.

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

TPFT is one step above TPO cover and will also cover costs if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.

Fully comprehensive cover

Fully comp combines both of the above levels with the added benefit of covering your medical expenses (in the event of a collision), vehicle repairs, key replacement and windscreen damage.

Note: Some insurance providers may only offer TPO or fully comprehensive insurance as a standard.

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What Are The Types Of Black Box Insurance?

There are a few types of black box car insurance to choose from:

Young drivers insurance

Young drivers have difficulty getting affordable car insurance because they are labelled inexperienced and high-risk. This ultimately leads to them having to pay an excessive amount on insurance premiums which is not ideal.

Learner driver car insurance

Learning to drive is an exciting process, and one should not be burdened with having to worry about car insurance. You can install a black box device in the car you are learning to drive in (usually a parent’s car).

Multi-car insurance

Multi-car insurance is best if you already have a car under a black box car insurance policy and are thinking about getting another car.

Over 50’s

Black box insurers have identified that people over 50 are less likely to drive recklessly and follow safe driving practices. This means they will most likely benefit from black box policies as they could potentially have no extra cost added to their premium.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Black Box Insurance?

You can add as many extras to your black box car insurance policy as you’d like, such as breakdown cover, windscreen protection and courtesy vehicle cover.

Breakdown cover

With this add-on to your insurance cover, you’ll receive roadside assistance and won’t have to worry about being stranded should your car break down.

You will also benefit from:

  • “Home start” cover – if your vehicle won’t start at home
  • National recovery – you will receive transport to get home from wherever you broke down within the UK.

Windscreen protection

While this is generally included in most fully comprehensive plans, you can opt to add windscreen cover to TPO and TPFT plans. As the name suggests, windscreens that are damaged or broken will be repaired/replaced without you having to touch your wallet!

Courtesy car insurance

You may think that receiving a courtesy car when your car is in for repairs comes with every insurance cover, but it does not.

Having this add-on gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a supplementary vehicle on hand when you need it most.

EU cover

You’ll want to add EU cover to your policy if you often travel across the UK border, whether for business or pleasure. EU cover ensures you are sufficiently covered no matter where you drive.

How Much Does Telematics Insurance Cost?

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How To Get Cheaper Black Box Insurance Rates?

How To Compare Black Box Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is black box insurance?

Black box car insurance, also known as telematics insurance, is when insurance providers monitor your driving habits to calculate your insurance premium via the black box device.

How long do telematics insurance policies last?

A standard black box policy typically lasts one year (12 months).

Where is the telematics device installed?

A professionally fitted black box device is typically installed behind the rearview mirror or dashboard, but plug-in devices (fitted into the cigarette lighter outlet) are also available.

Do black boxes restrict the areas I can drive in?

Generally, black box insurance won’t penalise you for where you drive, but more on how you drive.

Where can I find my black box data?

You can access your telematics driving data through your insurance provider’s app or website when logging into your profile.

What kind of vehicles does telematics insurance cover?

Any vehicle used for personal use is covered with telematics insurance, no matter if you drive a Vauxhall, Audi or Mercedes.