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Why Compare Third-Party Car Insurance With SimplyQuote?

Third-party insurance is the minimum insurance cover required by UK law, so there’s no way around not having this level of cover. This means it’s vital to have it even though it offers the lowest level of car insurance.

SimplyQuote understands how stressful, time-consuming and daunting comparing insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers can be. That’s why the online comparison tool simplifies the entire process.

Effortlessly scour the motorcar insurance market and cherry-pick the best third-party-only insurance policy suited to your budget and vehicle needs.

Finding and comparing third-party cover has never been this easy.


What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

Why Do You Need Third-Party Car Insurance?

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What Does Third-Party Car Insurance Cover?

What Levels Of Third-Party Car Insurance Can You Get?

SimplyQuote is about making third-party car Insurance easy & affordable

What Add-Ons Are Available For Third-Party Insurance?

There are several add-ons you can add to your TPO insurance policy:

Motor legal protection

If someone takes legal action against you over a road accident that wasn’t your fault, motor legal protection will cover the legal costs.

Personal accident cover

With this add-on, you’ll be able to claim compensation for any injuries you sustain in a road accident. It effectively covers you the same way that third-party insurance covers other drivers.

Breakdown cover

This add-on will grant you roadside assistance and repairs should you find yourself broken down. Breakdown cover is the most popular add-on for third-party cover.

Courtesy car cover

If your car needs to go into the garage for repairs, courtesy car cover will provide you with a vehicle to use in the meantime.

No claims bonus protection

In the long run, maintaining a no-claims discount (NCD) will make your car insurance much cheaper over time. However, driving is unpredictable, and you could find yourself making several claims along the way. No-claims bonus protection allows you to keep your no-claims record, even if you have to make a claim.

Windscreen protection

Some insurers may offer windscreen cover to basic TPO policies. This will pay the repair or replacement costs if your windscreen is damaged, cracked or broken.

EU cover

This add-on allows you to confidently travel across the UK border, knowing third-party persons/property is sufficiently covered.

Temporary car insurance

You can get this policy if you need car insurance for a few hours, a couple of days or just a month or two. It provides temporary insurance cover, hence the name.

Looking for the best third-party car Insurance? Get your quote today!

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How Much Does Third-Party Car Insurance Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Insurance Rates?

How To Compare Third-Party Car Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Comparing TPO insurance with SimplyQuote is easy and hassle-free:

  1. Fill in the short form: Tell us about yourself, your vehicle, and your location.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is third-party-only insurance?

Third-party cover, also called third-party-only (TPO) car insurance, is the lowest level of motor vehicle insurance in the UK. It is a legal requirement allowing you to drive on UK roads as per the Road Traffic Act 1988. It covers compensation/damage claims made against you by third parties but doesn’t cover damage repair costs for your own car.

Does a third-party car insurance policy cover theft?

No, third-party insurance does not cover theft. You will need to upgrade your level of cover to third-party, fire and theft or comprehensive car insurance for this cover.

Can I drive someone else’s car with third-party insurance?

You can’t drive someone else’s car if all you have is third-party insurance on your own vehicle. Third-party insurance, like most insurance levels, only permits you to drive the vehicle you are registered to. To drive someone else’s car, you’ll need to be listed on their car insurance as a ‘named driver’.

What happens when my car is damaged and it isn’t my fault?

Although third-party insurance doesn’t cover you for damages caused to your car that weren’t your fault, the other driver’s car insurance will. After an accident that wasn’t your fault, you will be approached by the other driver’s insurance company to settle the claim.