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Why Compare First Car Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Buying a car for the first time is exciting as it gives new drivers independence and the freedom to get out on the roads. However, the average age of new drivers and their inexperience means that taking out car insurance can be expensive.

Plus, you’re eager to go, so you don’t want to spend all your time looking for cheap car insurance policies when you could be out there driving your new wheels!

SimplyQuote understands, which is why the free online comparison tool makes finding car insurance easier than ever! Just complete a short online form and receive car insurance quotes from leading insurance providers in the UK.

You’ll be hitting the road – legally – in no time!


What Do You Need To Get A Car Insurance Quote?

Why Do You Need To Get Car Insurance?

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What Does First-Time Car Insurance Cover?

What Are The Types Of First Car Insurance?

Any first-time car owner must consider the different policy types, which include social, social & commuting, and business use.

The policy that best suits you will depend on what you plan to use your car for.


This type of policy is also known as social, domestic and pleasure (SDP), and covers you for all non-work-related driving such as holidays, driving to the shops, visiting friends and all leisure activities.

Social & commuting

A social and commuting policy gives you the same coverage as an SDP policy but also covers you for commuting to a single place of work. This means that you’re covered to drive to your place of work as well as being covered for other types of commuting.

Business use

If you’re planning to use your car for work and will be driving to more than one work site, you will need to take out a business use policy. For example, if you have to visit various clients’ offices, then this policy will apply.

What Levels Of Car Insurance Can You Get For Your First Car?

There are three levels of car insurance cover:

  1. Third-party only
  2. Third-party, fire and theft
  3. Comprehensive cover

Third-party only (TPO)

The third-party only insurance covers you for damages caused to a third party (including injuries, or damage to their vehicle or property) but does not cover any damage to your own vehicle or yourself.

When many people buy car insurance, they assume this will be the cheapest option. However, it can actually be more expensive than comprehensive insurance as drivers with this type of cover are statistically more likely to make a claim.

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

This type of car insurance covers you if you cause damage to a third party in a road traffic accident as you would with TPO. You will also be covered for fire damage to your car and if your car is stolen.


Comprehensive cover means your insurance policy will cover you for any damage caused to a third party or your own car. It also covers fire damage and theft of your own vehicle. Furthermore, it will cover medical expenses, legal expenses, and may also include windscreen and breakdown cover.

Consult with your insurance provider to determine what is included in your comprehensive policy.

Which Add-Ons Are Available For Car Insurance?

If you feel you need some extra cover, consider getting the following add-ons for your insurance policy (especially if you have TPO or TPFT insurance cover).

Breakdown cover

This means that you’re covered for roadside assistance if your car breaks down. You may also be covered to have your car towed to a mechanic if it can’t be fixed on the side of the road.

Windscreen cover

This will cover you for windscreen repairs or replacements in the event that your windscreen is smashed or cracked. You will usually have to pay an excess towards this.

Personal accident cover

If you add this optional extra to your new driver insurance cover, you’ll be financially covered for any injuries you sustain in an accident. Injuries to your passengers may also be covered.

Courtesy car cover

This covers the costs of hiring a courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is being repaired.

Legal expenses cover

Adding this to your policy means that you’ll be covered for the costs of taking another driver to court, being taken to court, or having to pay compensation following an accident.

International driver cover

This covers you to drive in the EU and other countries. If you plan to take your car overseas, you’ll need to make sure you check the requirements for the specific country you’re entering, as these can vary.

Black box insurance

With this cover, your insurance company will install a black box (also called telematics) device in your car which will track your driving habits. This is great for younger drivers who typically have higher insurance premiums. The less risky you drive, the more affordable your insurance will be.

How Much Does Insurance For Your First Car Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Insurance Rates For Your First Car?

Here are some top tips for reducing your insurance premiums:

Voluntary higher excesses

Your excess is how much you’re willing to pay out of pocket if you make a claim. By increasing your voluntary excess, your insurance company will realise you’re less likely to make a claim, thereby reducing your premium. Just make sure you can still afford the excess!

Black box policies

As mentioned, getting a telematics device installed in your car that tracks your driving habits can reduce your premiums if you drive responsibly.

Adding a named driver

Adding a more experienced motorist to your policy is a way for young drivers to reduce their insurance premiums.

Reducing your mileage

The less you drive, the less likely you are to be in an accident.

Choosing the right type of car

By choosing a car in a lower insurance group, your policies will be more affordable.

Comparing car insurance quotes

Shop around and compare car insurance quotes with SimplyQuote to find the best deal.

How To Compare First Car Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Comparing insurance providers and policies is easy:

  1. Fill in the short form: Provide details of yourself, your car and your location
  2. Choose your cover: Select your level of cover and any add-ons
  3. Compare quotes: Recieve quotes from the top insurers in the UK
  4. Save money: Start saving today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a first car insurance policy?

First car insurance policies are taken out by young and new drivers who are looking to insure their first car.

These are usually first-time drivers or those who’ve had their licence for a while but are only just buying their first car now.

Can I reduce the cost of my insurance by taking a driving course?

Yes, by taking a driving course and proving you’re an experienced driver you can reduce the price of your car’s insurance.

Can I build up my no-claims discount as a named driver?

This is generally not possible in the UK. The no-claims discount is attached to the main driver, so any no-claims years you earned as a named driver will not translate into a discount when you take out your own policy.

Does my new car need insurance when I drive it home from the dealership?

Yes, most dealerships will require proof of insurance, plus it is a legal requirement to have insurance to drive a car on public roads in the UK. You can get temporary insurance for a few hours to drive your car home if you don’t yet have your own insurance in place.