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Why Compare Cheap Coach Fleet Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

We understand how time-consuming and overwhelming comparing coach and bus insurance quotes can be, especially when you have a business to run.

That’s why SimplyQuote’s 100% free, online comparison tool streamlines the entire comparison process in the blink of an eye. Find a low-cost coach and bus insurance policy today!


What Do You Need To Get A Coach Fleet Quote?

Provide us with a few basic details and we’ll compile a list of suitable bus, coach, or minibus insurance quotes for you:

  • Personal details – name, surname, UK address
  • Coach driver details – name, surname, UK driver’s licence
  • Business details – what business do you operate? (e.g. transport for sports clubs, professional tour operators)
  • Coach and bus details – make, model, size, vehicle age, passenger capacity

Why Do You Need Coach Fleet Insurance?

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What Does Coach Fleet Insurance Cover?

What Levels Of Coach Fleet Insurance Can You Get?

Coach and bus fleet insurance offers three levels of cover:

Third-party only (TPO)

TPO is the lowest level of cover available and is also the bare minimum required by UK law. It protects you against third-party claims if you injure someone (e.g. pedestrian or driver) or their property or vehicle while driving.

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

Third-party fire and theft provides cover if your fleet vehicles are stolen or damaged by fire, on top of the standard TPO cover.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comp is a combination of TPO and TPFT cover offers additional benefits of windscreen damage cover, key replacement cover, medical expenses (for you/your drivers) and vehicle repairs should your vehicle and drivers be in an accident. This is the highest level of cover available and is generally the most expensive.

Note: Some insurance providers may only offer fully comprehensive cover as a standard.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Coach Fleet Insurance? 

There are several extras you can add to your coach and bus insurance policy:

Windscreen cover

Covers repair/replacement costs for damaged windscreens. You can add this level of cover onto a standard TPO or TPFT policy as it’s generally included in fully comprehensive plans.

Telematics (black box) policies

Install telematics technology as a way for insurers to track and monitor how your coach drivers drive. Good driving is often rewarded with lower premiums.

EU cover

If your transportation business frequently travels across the UK border, you need EU cover in the event of any accidents or mishaps while travelling abroad. EU cover is also called overseas travel cover.

Goods in Transit

Offers protection (and compensation) for the items you transporting, such as passenger luggage.

Breakdown cover

As the name suggests, this provides cover should your coaches or buses break down, however, there may be limits to how many times you call for assistance.

Self-drive hire insurance

Is necessary if your business loans fleet vehicles out to members of the public. It covers you in the event of damage to the vehicle while in their care.

“Any use” cover

Also known as an “any driver” policy offers flexibility for coach fleet operators whereby any driver can drive any fleet vehicle.

Note: As mentioned, coach and bus businesses must have sufficient employer liability cover in place. This protects you against any staff member claims if they sustain injuries whilst on the job.

How Much Does Coach Fleet Insurance Cost?

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How Can You Get Cheaper Coach Fleet Insurance Rates?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coach fleet insurance?

Coach fleet – or coach and bus insurance – is exactly what the name suggests: Insurance cover for a fleet of coaches or buses. It’s similar to standard fleet insurance (and motor insurance) in terms of levels of cover but is specifically aimed at coach vehicles such as buses, minibuses and other types of (large) passenger vehicles.

Can I insure a large fleet of vehicles on one coach fleet insurance policy?

Absolutely – that is the point of coach insurance! Some insurance providers may limit the amount of vehicles on one policy, while others may insure hundreds of fleet vehicles on one policy. Generally, if you have two or more commercial vehicles (such as coaches, buses or minibuses) you can get coach fleet insurance cover.

What’s the best level of HGV fleet cover for my business?

A fully comprehensive cover is the best level of cover to choose for your HGV fleets.

What’s the minimum coach driver age for coach and bus fleet insurance?

25 is the typically the minimum age coach drivers need to be, to be covered by coach fleet insurance.

Will I get immediate cover for my buses with coach insurance?

Generally speaking, yes, you will get immediate cover with coach fleet insurance.

What are the benefits of coach and bus insurance?
  • It’s convenient to have all fleet vehicles under one policy with one renewal date
  • It is generally cheaper to bundle all buses and coaches under one policy
  • Offer flexibility by having the freedom to add/remove fleet vehicles on your policy