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Why Compare Cheap Let Property Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote

Renting a property can be challenging as your property is at the mercy of your tenants. Finding cheaper let property insurance shouldn’t be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming.

That’s why SimplyQuote’s free, online comparison tool is designed to do the heavy lifting for you; streamlining the process in a couple of clicks. Easily compare multiple insurance quotes from top-class UK insurance providers to find the best landlord insurance deal.

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What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

Why Do You Need Let Property Insurance ?

What Does Let Property Insurance Cover?

What Add-Ons Are Available For Let Property Insurance? 

Much like your standard home insurance, landlords can cherry-pick optional extras to include on their policies, namely:

Rental income protection

This covers you when your rented property can’t be rented out. For instance, the property is undergoing repairs following an insured event (e.g. flooding or fire) and the building is temporarily inhabitable.

Loss of rent cover

This covers you when tenants can’t pay their rent as they have moved out unexpectedly (often due to an insured event).

Landlord emergency cover

This policy covers the cost of emergency services, such as plumbers to fix burst pipes or electricians during unexpected power outages.

Boiler cover

Some emergency cover policies may include boiler cover. If not, you can opt for a separate policy to cover boiler repairs or replacements on your property.

Note: This does not apply if annual boiler services are not done.

Deliberate damage cover

This add-on covers intentional or malicious damage by your tenants. It is different to accidental cover and you’ll need to provide evidence that the damage was intentional.

Employers liability insurance

This is a legal necessity if you employ staff at your rental properties, such as gardeners or cleaners. It protects landlords against employee claims should they injure themselves on duty.

Property owners’ liability protection

This liability cover protects you against any claims made against you from tenants, their guests or third-party persons (someone of the general public).

Let’s say your tenant’s friend comes over for a visit, trips and falls and decides to take you to court. Or the old lady from next door is walking her dog and tumbles over a wobbly step on your property and you’re whacked with a liability claim.

Key replacement cover

This policy comes in handy should you or your tenants lose their keys. It may also include locksmith services if keys are locked inside the property.

How Much Does Let Property Landlord Insurance Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Insurance Rates?

Here are our top ten tips to help you reduce your landlord insurance premiums for buy-to-let properties:

Compare landlord insurance quotes

Use SimplyQuote’s 100% free, online tool to effortlessly compare let property insurance quotes from leading UK insurers. Comparing quotes helps you find the best deal suited to your premise and budget.

Stay ahead of your property maintenance

Premature wear and tear can deteriorate the condition and bring down the value of your property, making it more expensive to insure.

Screen tenants

Carefully decide on the type of tenants you want to rent to. Students are statistically higher risk as they’ve been linked to more accidental (and deliberate) damage cases.

DSS tenants (private tenants who claim benefits) are also associated with higher premiums.

Say no to pets

Pet damage is generally not covered by your insurance policy, so it might be best to say no to pets. If you do allow pets at your rented property, understand you are liable for repair costs.

Prevent insured events

Safeguard your property as best as you can from insured events. This may include installing fire safety regulations for tenants to follow, fire doors and smoke alarms.

Don’t let your property stand empty

Unoccupied premises are more attractive to criminals, increasing the likelihood of break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Secure your rental premises

Security measures like alarm systems, CCTV cameras and security gates deter criminal activity, resulting in less chances of damage – and lower premiums.

Get accurate rebuild values

There’s nothing worse than under-insuring your property. Make sure you get two or three evaluation quotes to provide an average rebuild cost to your insurance provider.

Pay annually

Paying premiums annually mitigates the interest on monthly instalments.

Choose the cover you need

You should never skimp on your insurance cover but you also should never opt for policy add-ons you don’t need. It’s about striking the right balance between what works best for your rental premises and budget.

How To Compare Let Property Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Compare let property insurance quotes with SimplyQuote in four easy steps:

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  2. Choose policy add-ons you want to include.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is let property insurance?

Let property insurance is a bundle of smaller coverage plans that protect you from liabilities on your rental property. Think of it as a package. Many issues could go wrong with your buy-to-let property and this kind of property insurance is the best to go for!

What insurance do I need for buy-to-let properties?

A landlord insurance plan is the most practical option for landlords with rental premises.

What kind of properties does let property insurance cover?

Generally speaking, landlord insurance applies to all property types, whether the rented property is residential or commercial. Here are a few examples:

  • Flats/apartments
  • Detached houses
  • Terraced houses
  • Bungalows
  • Maisonettes
  • Commercial properties

Note: Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) properties are generally covered with specialist landlord insurance, called HMO cover. You’re better off with a landlord portfolio insurance policy if you own and manage multiple properties.

Is it worth getting landlord insurance?

In our opinion, yes. While many property owners feel they don’t need landlord insurance, regular home insurance won’t assist with accidental damage cover, rent cover, and other let-specific issues.

Where can I compare different landlord insurance cover quotes, UK?

Use SimplyQuote’s free, online comparison tool to quickly compare landlord insurance quotes from leading UK insurance providers. Find the best deal in just a few clicks!