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Why Compare Private Hire Insurance With SimplyQuote?

It can take hours to sort through all the different insurance providers in the UK to find a private hire insurance policy to meet your needs. SimplyQuote gets rid of the hassle, allowing you to quickly compare quotes from the UK’s leading insurance providers.

What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

You need to provide the following information to get private hire vehicle insurance quotes:

  • Vehicle details: Including the make, model and year of the car used as a private hire taxi.
  • Driver details: Name, age, driving history and claims history.
  • Location: Where the vehicle will be parked when off-duty and overnight.
  • Annual mileage for private hire purposes.
  • Level of cover: (e.g. third-party only)
  • Business details: Which company or ride-hailing app you’re affiliated with.

Who Needs Private Hire Insurance?

What Does Private Hire Insurance Cover?

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What Levels Of Private Hire Insurance Cover Can You Get?

There are three different levels of private hire taxi insurance, namely third-party, third-party, fire and theft, and comprehensive cover.


Third-party only

This is the most basic level of cover and also the minimum legal requirement to drive in the UK.

This policy will cover third parties involved in an accident caused by you. It covers the cost of damage to their property, vehicle, or any injuries they sustained.

Note that it does not cover any costs incurred by you, such as medical bills or damage to your own car.

Third-party, fire and theft

This level covers everything included in a third-party-only policy, as well as financial protection should your car be damaged by a fire or stolen.

The insurer would not compensate for car accidents deemed to be your fault, so you’ll have to pay for any damages you suffered in the accident.


This level of cover offers you the most financial protection. It provides the same benefits as third-party, fire and theft policies, as well as covering medical expenses and legal fees in case of a dispute.

Fully comprehensive cover is a popular option for private hire taxi drivers as it ensures you’re covered for every scenario on the road.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Your Private Hire Insurance Policy?

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How Much Does Private Hire Insurance Cost?

How Can You Reduce Your Private Hire Taxi Insurance Premiums?

If you think you’re paying too much for your taxi insurance, here are some ways in which you can reduce your premiums:

Pay annually

Paying your insurance premium annually saves you from having to pay interest on monthly instalments.

Shop around

Let SimplyQuote help you find affordable insurance policies that still meet your needs.

Don’t modify your vehicle

Modifications can either increase the value of the car or make it riskier to drive, which will leave you with higher premiums.

Install security measures

Dash cams, central locking and CCTV will make you a lower risk to insurance companies.

Get secure parking

Make sure you park your car in a secure place while not on duty to enjoy lower premiums.

Don’t over-insure

Only insure for what you need. Although some of the add-ons may seem like a good idea, make sure you only have cover for what you need.

Telematics insurance

By installing a telematics device in your car (also called a black box), your insurer will receive data on your driving behaviour. They can then lower your premiums if they consider you a safe driver and a lower risk to insure.

How To Compare Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is private hire insurance?

Private hire taxi insurance is a type of insurance that taxi drivers who pick up pre-booked passengers in the UK require by law.

This insurance covers drivers who use private vehicles for commercial purposes like transporting passengers.

The insurance protects both the driver and their passengers if an unforeseen event should occur while ensuring they’re fully compliant with UK law while operating as a private taxi driver.

How does private hire insurance differ from public hire insurance?

Private hire taxi insurance specifically covers drivers who transport pre-booked passengers. Private hire drivers can’t be hailed from the street or take passengers from taxi ranks. If you do that, your insurance will be voided.

Public hire insurance covers drivers who can be hailed from the street or taxi rank, without the need for pre-booking. This includes the black cabs found in the UK.

How do I know which insurance policy I need?

To know which insurance policy you need, you first need to know what kind of taxi service you’re providing. If you work on a pre-booked system you will need private hire insurance, this also includes drivers who work for ride-hailing companies such as Uber.

Other insurance policies include:

  • Minicab insurance
  • Black cab insurance
  • Public hire insurance
  • Taxi fleet insurance
  • London Taxi PCO Insurance
  • Uber Taxi Insurance

Not having the correct insurance can invalidate the policy that you have, causing issues if you were to be in a collision.

What is a private hire insurance certificate?

A private hire insurance certificate is a legal document that provides documentary evidence that you are insured to drive a specific private hire vehicle and carry passengers for hire and reward.