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Why Compare Cheap Minibus Insurance with SimplyQuote

SimplyQuote understands how time-consuming and stressful it can be when searching for cheaper minibus insurance. It’s stressful transporting passengers to and from various destinations and finding cheaper insurance shouldn’t be as intense.

That’s why we’ve designed the perfect solution: the 100% free, online comparison tool.

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Why Do You Need Minibus Insurance?

What Does Minibus Insurance Cover?

What Types Of Minibus Insurance Are Available In The UK?

There are several types of minibus insurance, depending on what you use the vehicle for.

Hire and reward insurance

There are two types of hire and reward cover in the UK: public or private hire.

Public hire – used to pick up “hailed” passengers who flag you down spontaneously on the side of the road, such as taxi ranks or cab services.

Private hire – used to carry passengers who have pre-booked your services. These include private taxi services, organised tours, school or nursing home transportation or private airport shuttles. It’s also called “contract hire” or “minibus taxi” insurance.

Van insurance

Van insurance provides suitable cover if you own a small bus that’s used privately or commercially. This means the minibus isn’t used for hire and reward purposes (i.e. non-fare-paying passengers).

Short-term minibus insurance

Sometimes, you may need short-term flexible cover for your minibus, such as when going on a family trip or another one-off occasion.

If you’re hiring a minibus, the car rental company will probably arrange private hire minibus insurance on your behalf. If you’re borrowing the vehicle from a friend, you must arrange the appropriate cover or become a named driver on their insurance policy.

Car insurance

If your private minibus has less than nine seats, you won’t need to look for specialist insurance. A car insurance policy can offer the right cover for your minibus.

What Levels Of Minibus Insurance Can You Get?

Like any standard motorcar insurance policy, minibus drivers have three levels of cover to choose from:

Third-party only (TPO)

This is the lowest level of minibus insurance available and is a minimum legal requirement in the UK.

TPO covers damage and injury to others and their property, including any passengers you’re transporting.

It doesn’t protect you or your vehicle if damages or injuries occur.

Third-party fire and theft (TPFT)

Third-party, fire and theft cover offers a mid-tier level of insurance cover.

It provides compensation for claims made by other people and it will also cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your vehicle is damaged by fire or stolen.

Comprehensive cover

Fully comprehensive minibus insurance policies offer the whole hog, including both TPO and TPFT along with other added benefits.

This means you’ll also receive compensation if you’re injured, or your minibus sustains damage in an accident, even if you were at fault.

Some comprehensive plans may include breakdown, windscreen and key replacement cover as standard.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Minibus Insurance?

Here’s a list of optional extras you can add to your standard minibus insurance policy:

Breakdown cover

This policy ensures you receive help in getting your minibus repaired or towed to a garage when it breaks down. This may be included in comprehensive plans.

Trailer cover

Your average minibus insurance premium generally won’t cover trailers.

Having a trailer cover means you’ll receive compensation if your trailer is damaged in an accident.

Key replacement cover

As the name suggests, this policy add-on will pay to replace lost, stolen or damaged keys.

European cover (EU cover)

European cover means you’ll be protected if you drive your minibus abroad (i.e. across the UK border).

You’ll be able to call an English-speaking helpline to provide roadside assistance. If your minibus can’t be repaired at the side of the road, your insurer will arrange for it to be towed to a garage for repairs.

Note: This may be particularly helpful for tour guides.

No-claims bonus protection

Protecting your no-claims bonus means you can have several “at fault” road incidents without your bonus being affected. This allows your no-claims bonus to stay intact even if the insurance company can’t get their money back.

Any driver cover

Add “any” additional drivers to your policy to protect you from the risks involved, no matter who drives your vehicle.

Windscreen cover

Add this policy to basic TPO and TPFT policies to ensure cracked/damaged/broken windscreens are repaired without dipping into your pocket.

Telematics cover

Black boxes are installed in your minibus as a way for insurers to monitor how you drive. The insurance company receives data on your driving habits and adjusts your premiums accordingly (safe driver = lower premiums).

Minibus fleet insurance

If you manage a fleet of minibuses (usually in a business setting), you’ll want to upgrade your policy to ensure the right kind of cover. Generally, 3+ minibuses are considered a fleet.

Legal expenses cover

This policy add-on offers supreme protection and compensation if you are taken to court or have any legal disputes brought against you. As the name suggests, it covers all legal and litigation fees.

Goods in transit

Protects the items you are carrying from damage or theft.

Personal belongings cover

Compensates you for personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen while in transit.

Personal accident cover

Similar to public liability cover, this policy covers your (the driver/s) medical and liability fees.

How Much Does Minibus Insurance Cost?

How Can You Reduce Your Minibus Insurance Premiums?

How To Compare Minibus Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Comparing minibus insurance services with SimplyQuote is simple:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is minibus insurance?

Minibus insurance is a type of car insurance specifically aimed at vehicles with between nine and 17 seats (including the driver).

Is minibus insurance compulsory in the UK?

Yes, it’s a legal requirement for every motor vehicle to be insured with at least third-party cover in the UK – including minibuses.