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Why Compare Cheap Fish & Chip Shop Insurance With SimplyQuote

Being in the food and hospitality industry is no easy feat, especially when you’re running a fast-paced chippy. Add to that searching for better insurance cover for your fish and chip shop and you’re feeling downright overwhelmed and stressed, right?

Luckily, SimplyQuote has the perfect solution: the 100% free, online comparison tool.

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Why Do You Need Fish And Chip Shop Insurance?

What Does Fish And Chip Shop Insurance Cover?

Insurance for fish and chip shops generally covers:

Business interruption cover

Business interruption cover protects your business from lost income during periods in which you can’t operate as normal. This can apply to unexpected events such as power cuts or flooding.

Note: This may also be called loss of income insurance.

Temporary staff

Legally and morally speaking, temporary workers require coverage the same way permanent ones do. If you already have cover for your permanent staff then it is worth checking with your insurer to see if it also covers temporary staff.

Legal expenses

Generally, legal expenses insurance will cover common legal disputes related to, but not limited to, unfair dismissal, discrimination and workplace injuries.

Note: May also be called business legal expense cover.

Goods in Transit

Often referred to as ‘GIT,’ goods in transit insurance covers goods being transported from one location to another. GIT insurance can cover both domestic and international trips. This can be viewed as an optional extra by some insurers but the majority offer it as a standard package feature. Do confirm these details with your insurance provider.

Stock insurance

Stock insurance or “loss of stock insurance” covers goods and materials in the event of them being damaged, lost, or stolen. It’s good practice for fish and chip shop owners to always know how much stock they have to avoid being underinsured.

Public and product liability

Fish and chip shops and their employees always run the risk of causing damage or injury to other people. This can land them in immense legal trouble so public liability protects your business’s legal liability for damage inflicted.

Employers liability insurance

As mentioned, employers’ liability insurance is a legal business requirement, regardless of the nature of your company. In the event of an employee being injured within the workplace, employers’ liability insurance can cover the legal and compensation costs.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage cover is a standard feature of most fish and chip shop insurance policies. Building or content damage typically occurs accidentally so having this as part of your policy can be of great help if you ever need to do a rebuild or replace items.

What’s not covered?

  • Maintenance-related damage – for both building and equipment.
  • Patrons’ personal belongings.
  • Malicious/intentional damage by the chip shop owner (to claim insurance payout).
  • Intentional or illegal activity.
  • Dock, wharf and pier properties.
  • Your business property’s foundation.
  • Animals that aren’t classified as stock.
  • Walkways and roads associated with the commercial property.

What Types Of Insurance Are Available For Fish And Chip Shops?

What Add-Ons Are Available For Fish And Chip Shop Insurance? 

There are several optional extras you can add to your fish and chip insurance policy:

Tenants’ improvements

Tenants’ improvements insurance covers your business when cosmetic or structural changes you’ve made have been damaged by incidents such as a fire, flooding or vandalism. These changes covered by this type of insurance become part of the property and thus can’t be taken with you when you leave.

Mechanical breakdown cover

Mechanical or equipment breakdown insurance is a good optional extra for a chip shop as it adds another layer of protection. This will cover the unexpected costs whenever your equipment has a sudden mechanical or electrical failure.

Cyber attacks

Because we live in an age where most things are done digitally, many businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. These attacks generally happen to large-scale businesses but can still happen to businesses of any size and industry.

It’s always a good idea to consider finding a policy with a cyber plan that can keep your business covered in the event of data loss or unauthorised access.

Specialised equipment cover

If you have specialised (i.e. non-standard) equipment and machinery, it’s best to specify this on your insurance policy. This type of cover may transcend to electronic equipment such as card machines, point-of-sale systems and GPS navigation devices (for delivery purposes).

Commercial vehicle cover

You need this policy if you operate a delivery service from your fish and chip shop. It covers you, your drivers and your business against any financial loss or legal disputes that could arise when on the road.

Money cover

As the name suggests, this compensates you if money is stolen from your premises – to a maximum limit. However, insurers are usually strict in this regard whereby cash must be stored in a locked safe at all times.

How Much Does Fish And Chip Shop Insurance Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Fish And Chip Shop Insurance Cover?

How To Compare Fish And Chip Shop Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Find free fish and chip shop insurance quotes with SimplyQuote in four easy steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fish and chip shop insurance?

Fish and chip shop insurance is a type of business insurance specifically designed for a fish and chip shop. It covers various risks and potential incidents associated with working in such an environment. The vast majority of fish and chip insurance policies will cover incidents related to both the kitchen and members of the public.

How much shop insurance do I need?

The short answer: it depends. The amount of retail business insurance you need depends on your business operations. If you are selling high-ticket items like luxury fashion, antiques or jewellery – you’ll need more insurance cover than a newsagent or stationery shop.

You must tailor your business insurance policy to what suits your business and budget.

Can multiple chip shop locations be covered on one policy?

This will vary from insurer to insurer. Most insurers will only cover one chip shop per policy. However, some insurers can cover other fish and chip or fast food shops under the same policy, for which you may be able to negotiate a competitive rate.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by the general public for incidents that occur in direct relation to your business operations. This type of insurance covers the legal costs and compensation for personal injuries, property loss or damage and death.


In the context of owning a fish and chip shop, food poisoning counts as a personal injury.

Public liability insurance does not cover current employees, temporary staff or people on work placements.