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Why Compare Cheap Gym Insurance With SimplyQuote

Heavy equipment, sweaty patrons and frequent accidents – being in the sports and leisure industry is no easy task. To add to your problems, you have to get commercial insurance coverage.

Don’t worry though – it is doable with the 100% free online comparison tool from SimplyQuote.

Our system is specifically designed to source trusted insurers, bespoke policies and competitive rates. You’ll never again have to waste your time juggling multiple tabs on your computer to find insurance.

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What Do You Need To Get A Quote?

Why Do You Need Gym Insurance?

What Does Gym Insurance Cover?

Gym insurance covers a wide range of damages and liabilities.

Employers liability cover

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you employ staff at your place of work. If an employee is injured or falls ill on the job, the employer’s liability can cover the cost of damages (e.g. medical costs) and legal expenses.

Gym liability insurance

Also called public liability insurance – your business is protected from legal claims made by clients, contractors and members of the general public who have been injured or have had their property damaged while using your facilities.

This is useful for covering incidents that take place on your premises.

Property insurance

Also known as buildings insurance or property damage cover, this covers the cost of repairing your gym’s building in the event of storm damage, fire, vandalism, burglary and theft.

Insurers can be very specific in terms of the types of events that they cover, so you always need to make sure that you ask for the full details of your policy to see if an insurer covers hail, for example. The SimplyQuote team always has what it takes to find you the right cover.

Equipment cover

If a gym has a lot of high-end machines then equipment cover is an absolute necessity since replacing or repairing equipment that has been stolen or damaged is very expensive. With comprehensive equipment insurance, you are more likely to have well-maintained and functional equipment – just what gymgoers expect.

Note: Also called contents cover or contents insurance.

Business interruption cover

There will be periods when your business may not be able to operate, be it for a short or prolonged period. Unexpected events, such as floods, fires, or storm damage can be covered should they occur.

This type of cover ensures your business can return to its previous financial state.

Commercial legal cover

This pays compensation and legal costs to third-party persons or staff when they claim against your gym.

What’s not covered?

  • Normal wear and tear on the property due to poor upkeep
  • Normal wear and tear on equipment from day-to-day use
  • Damages caused by negligence
  • Malicious/intentional damage to the property or equipment
  • Under-aged persons using the gym facilities – generally under 16 years old

What Add-Ons Are Available For Gym Insurance? 

It might be worth investing in additional cover if you want to ensure that your gym operation runs smoothly.

Cyber insurance

Cyber attacks on businesses are becoming more common. Cybercriminals typically target larger-scale businesses, but this can happen to anyone, so if you can, find a policy that can give you truly comprehensive cover.

Personal trainers’ insurance

Offers protection for fitness instructors (say during fitness classes or one-on-one consultations) against any damages, injury, loss or liability claims.

Legal expense cover

Offers financial support when legal disputes are brought against your gym, covering legal/court fees and lawyer consultations. This can also be used if/when you take someone to court.

Specialised equipment cover

Health clubs with high-end specialised equipment can opt for this add-on; covering repair or replacement costs if damaged or broken.

Stock insurance

If your health club sells products, such as protein powder and supplements, sports clothing or equipment – you can have them covered under a stock insurance policy.

Personal accident cover

This add-on provides an extra layer of insurance for people you have already covered, such as yourself or staff members. It pays out if someone is injured on- or off-site.

Office equipment

Add extra cover for office equipment like printers, laptops and phones.

Money cover

If you deal with cash takings at your fitness facility, you’ll want money cover insurance. However, this policy usually has a maximum limit.

How Much Does Gym Insurance Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Insurance Rates?

How To Compare Gym Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Comparing gym insurance cover is quick and stress-free with SimplyQuote:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gym insurance?

Gym insurance is a form of commercial insurance. All types of businesses operate with a degree of risk and if something goes wrong, having commercial insurance can make the situation much easier to navigate.

Gyms, in particular, are risky environments where accidents can happen in an instant and chances are that the gym itself might not be at fault. A good gym insurance policy covers hefty expenses in the event of unexpected mishaps.

What’s the difference between gyms and health and fitness clubs?

Gyms are indoor places with various equipment and machines for physical workouts.

Fitness centres generally specialise in certain sporting or fitness disciplines but still provide a variety of workouts. They are also typically larger than your average gym. Both recreational and professional athletes work out at a fitness centre.

A health club is similar to a fitness centre but focuses more on whole-body wellness than just physical fitness. Nowadays, many high-end gyms can be classified as health clubs due to the amenities they offer. Health clubs tend to have swimming pools, steam rooms, and designated spaces for sports.

From a legal standpoint, a gym and a health or fitness club may be seen as the same thing.

What is a package policy?

Package policies are insurance policies that include more than one type of insurance cover. One of the most common types of package policies combines property coverage with liability coverage.

Package policies tend to be popular because of their cost-effectiveness, as one insurer can cover several lines of business. Be aware that some package policies may not necessarily cover all the areas your business may need cover for though. So, it’s always important that you confirm the extent of cover with a prospective insurer beforehand.