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Why Compare Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Food delivery drivers are usually on the go. Whether you are working full-time or it is just a side-gig, odds are you’re juggling a lot of things at the same time.

So, stressing about finding the right insurance policy just adds to your already overburdened plate.

Enter: SimplyQuote. We are ready to simplify the entire process of finding and comparing insurance quotes. The free online comparison tool can help you find the best insurance deal in just a couple of clicks.


What Do You Need To Get An Insurance Quote?

Why Do You Need PAYG Delivery Insurance?

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What Are The Benefits Of Pay-As-You-Go Food Delivery Insurance?

There are several benefits to PAYG food delivery insurance:


Firstly, and for many people most importantly, PAYG delivery insurance can work out cheaper than standard fast food or hire and reward insurance. Since the cover can be turned off between deliveries, you’re only ever paying for insurance when you need it.


The flexibility offered by a PAYG policy is one of its biggest advantages. The majority of food delivery platforms do not offer their employees secure shifts.

Being able to get insurance quickly and on an ad-hoc basis means you won’t be paying for insurance while you’re waiting for work.

No need to commit to an annual policy

Annual insurance policies can be expensive and inflexible. When they’re already paying a significant amount for social, domestic and pleasure vehicle insurance, it’s understandable that food drivers might not want to shell out for a further 12 months for another policy.

What Does Pay-As-You-Go Food Delivery Insurance Cover?

What Are The Different Types Of Pay-As-You-Go Delivery Insurance?

What Levels Of Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Cover Can You Get?

Just like with standard car insurance, you get third-party only, third-party, fire and theft, and comprehensive cover.

Third-party only

This is the minimum legal requirement to drive a car on public roads in the UK. With this cover, you will be financially protected if you injure a third party or cause damage to their vehicle or property. However, your own vehicle is not covered.

Third-party, fire and theft

This offers the same level of cover as third-party-only insurance, but your vehicle will be covered if it is damaged by fire or stolen.

Comprehensive cover

This comprehensive cover protects you from third-party claims, legal expenses, and also covers the cost of your own vehicle should it be broken, stolen or in need of repairs following an accident (even if you were at fault).

Which Group Add-Ons Are Available For Pay-As-You-Go Policies?

How Much Does Pay-As-You-Go Food Delivery Insurance Cost?

Vehicle TypeCost per Hour (£)
Scooters£0.50 – £0.60
Motorbikes£0.70 – £0.80
Low-emission cars£0.75 – £0.85
Standard cars£0.85 – £3.00 (depends on engine size and car value)
Small vans£1.00 – £2.00
Large vans£2.00 – £3.00

How Can You Get Cheaper Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Rates?

PAYG insurance is already an affordable insurance option if you deliver food part-time, but here are some tips to reduce those premiums even more:

Deliver less frequently

How often you deliver food will be the biggest factor influencing the insurance cost. By delivering less frequently you are less likely to be involved in an accident, and you’re guaranteed to pay less for insurance.

Shop around

Compare PAYG food delivery insurance quotes from many different insurance providers to find the best deal. The comparison tool from SimplyQuote makes this incredibly easy.

Install black box technology

By installing a black box device, your insurer can track your driving habits. Fast food delivery drivers who can prove that they drive responsibly will enjoy lower premiums.

Consider a smaller or safer vehicle

The value and safety of your delivery vehicle will influence the cost of your insurance. A car is considered less risky than a motorbike, resulting in cheaper insurance rates.

Increase your excess

Your excess is how much you have to pay out-of-pocket when you make a claim. When you increase your voluntary excess, your insurer knows you’re less likely to make a claim, thereby reducing your premiums.

Limit riskier deliveries

Late-night deliveries or orders in high-crime areas may increase your premiums, so keep these to a minimum.

Don’t over-insure

Avoid adding extras to your policy that you don’t need. For example, you won’t really need personal belongings cover if you drive a small moped and don’t carry any valuables with you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay-As-You-Go food delivery insurance?

Pay-as-you-go delivery insurance is a type of temporary/part-time cover that is classified as “Hire and Reward Insurance”. It is an additional cover for food delivery drivers who have an existing social, domestic and pleasure vehicle policy.

How does Pay-As-You-Go food delivery insurance work?

PAYG insurance can typically be “turned on and off” as the delivery driver pleases. This means that a courier can take out cover at the start of their shift and then turn it off when they’ve finished working. In some cases, drivers can even deactivate their cover between deliveries when they’re not carrying food. The process is usually done via a smartphone app.

To keep tabs on what delivery drivers are doing while they are covered, most PAYG insurance providers will require a “black box” to be installed in the delivery vehicle. A black box is a tracking device that records information about the deliveries the driver is making, as well as the quality of their driving.

If your PAYG insurance company starts to notice that you’re making deliveries without activating your cover, or are driving dangerously, then they might stop you from taking out PAYG cover in the future.

What are the requirements for obtaining pay-as-you-go food insurance cover?

To get PAYG delivery insurance, you must first have a vehicle with a valid social, domestic and pleasure insurance policy. You can use SimplyQuote to get an instant quote on your hourly food vehicle insurance rate.

Is delivery insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

Yes, having some form of food delivery cover is required to deliver third-party food items for payment. It’s important to understand that standard car insurance does not provide sufficient cover for delivery drivers.

Whether you choose hire and reward or fast food courier insurance, it’s essential to have something sorted before making your first delivery. If you are caught delivering without the right insurance policies, then you could face a fine or points on your license.

In addition, insurance claims can be voided if you were found to be delivering food without insurance if you were involved in an accident. This could also arise if your vehicle gets stolen during a delivery.