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Why Compare Deliveroo Delivery Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

We understand how time-consuming, overwhelming and downright stressful comparing multiple food delivery insurance quotes can be; especially when working as a Deliveroo delivery driver.

The good news? We have the perfect solution for you: the 100% free, online, comparison tool.

Compare multiple quotes from top-class UK insurance providers within a matter of minutes. No more stressing about the right cover for your food delivery service when you have SimplyQuote by your side!

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What Does Deliveroo Delivery Insurance Cover?

What Types Of Deliveroo Insurance Are Available In The UK?

Type of Insurance Description
Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) policy Ideal for part-time food delivery drivers (working a maximum of 20 hours per month)
Available on an hourly basis
Cover can be topped up via your insurance provider app
TPO, TPFT and comprehensive cover options are available
Monthly policy Perfect for short-term delivery drivers (e.g. during holiday periods)
Also called: 30-day policies
Offers short-term insurance cover
Provides cover against road-related risks
Annual policy Perfect for full-time fast food delivery drivers
Offers year-round road-risk protection
Generally includes social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P) insurance

What Levels Of Deliveroo Delivery Insurance Can You Get?

Like any standard motorcar insurance policy, there are also three levels of cover you can choose from:

Third party only (TPO)

  • The lowest level of cover available
  • Minimum legal requirement to drive on UK roads
  • Only covers third-party vehicles/persons in the event of an accident
  • Does not cover repairs or medical expenses for you (the driver) or your vehicle

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

  • Offers a mid-tier level of cover
  • Includes basic TPO cover
  • Will compensate for damages to your vehicle if damaged by fire or stolen
  • Will not payout for repair or replacement costs if your vehicle is involved in an accident

Fully comprehensive cover

  • Offers the widest range of cover
  • Includes TPO and TPFT
  • Will cover personal medical and vehicle repair costs
  • May include: SD&P insurance, windscreen cover, key replacement and public liability insurance (depending on the insurance provider)

Historically, TPO was the cheapest vehicle insurance option but nowadays comprehensive cover is more affordable, making it the preferred choice.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Deliveroo Insurance? 

You can add several extras to your fast food courier policy, namely:


Breakdown cover

Provides financial support should your vehicle break down. Your vehicle may also be towed to a mechanic if it can’t be fixed next to the road. Some insurers may call this policy roadside assistance insurance.


Courtesy car cover

As you can probably guess, this policy covers the costs of hiring a courtesy vehicle when your vehicle is in for repairs.


Legal expenses cover

Pays for compensation and court fees should you (the delivery driver) be taken to court (or if you need to take someone to court).


Excess protection

This add-on reimburses your excess when making a claim.


Personal accident

Covers you if you’re seriously injured while working on the road.


Personal belongings cover

Pays out if delivery drivers’ personal goods are damaged or stolen while on duty.


EU cover

Also called, international insurance, covers you when making deliveries across the UK border.


Windscreen cover

Can be added to basic TPO and TPFT policies and, as the name suggests, covers the cost to repair or replace damaged, cracked or broken windscreens.


Employers liability insurance

This is a legal requirement if you hire delivery drivers as part of your business operations. It covers any employee claims brought against you if drivers are injured (or contract illnesses) whilst on duty.


Public liability insurance

While not legally required, public liability is beneficial to have. It pays for any legal fees and compensation claims should a third-party person claim against you.

For instance:

– You knock over a pedestrian when making deliveries
– You crash into another person’s vehicle at a busy intersection
– You damage third-party property, like a wall, when swerving for a cat in the middle of the road.

Note: Add this policy extra if it is not included within your standard food courier insurance policy.

How Much Does Deliveroo Insurance Insurance Cost?

How Can You Reduce Your Deliveroo Insurance Premiums?

How To Compare Deliveroo Delivery Insurance Quotes With SimplyQuote?

Deliveroo drivers can compare fast food delivery insurance quotes with SimplyQuote in four steps:

  1. Provide details via the short form: Tell us about yourself, the mode of transport you use for food deliveries and where you’re based within the UK.
  2. Choose policy extras: Choose which additional cover you want to include on your food delivery policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deliveroo insurance?

Deliveroo insurance is a type of hire and reward insurance, specifically aimed at fast food couriers.

What insurance do I need as a Deliveroo driver in the UK?

Food delivery drivers need both standard vehicle and hire and reward insurance to legally operate in the UK.

Is Delivery insurance mandatory?

Yes, all Deliveroo riders must have insurance cover when making fast food deliveries.