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SimplyQuote understands how stressful, time-consuming and downright annoying comparing multiple insurance quotes for landlords can be.

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Why Do You Need Portfolio Landlord Insurance?

What Does Portfolio Landlord Insurance Cover?

Property portfolio insurance covers various aspects, such as:

Buildings insurance

One of the most essential aspects of landlord insurance is ensuring your properties are protected against all forms of damage. Structural and cosmetic damage to a property can quickly snowball into huge repair fees, especially if you own multiple properties.

Landlord building insurance can help financially protect the structure of buildings against certain incidents such as damage from floods, fires and storms, or any potential impact from vandalism and theft.

In preparation for these accidents, you may also want to consider a policy that covers alternative accommodation so your tenants are safely housed without any fuss.

Contents insurance

As the policy’s name suggests, it covers the contents of the property – the items provided inside the building for tenants to use such as:

  • Furniture
  • Ovens
  • Bookcases
  • Sofas
  • Cutlery and crockery

Rent guarantee insurance

Being a landlord, monthly rental income is important. If tenants default on their payments, this policy covers the lost rental income for up to six months. Rent guarantee cover is also referred to as tenant default insurance.

Designed to support your well-being as a landlord, this policy means that you will not have to stress over the loss of rent from factors you can’t control.

Legal expenses

Unfortunately, some situations with tenants turn awry which can lead to potential legal problems. Going to court to repossess a building or to recover any rent loss involves a large share of fees for lawyers and court claims.

These legal expenses of taking tenants to court can quickly build up, which is why legal expenses insurance cover is vital. Legal expenses are often part of general landlord portfolio insurance but always check the individual policy before signing up.

Accidental and intentional damage

Landlord insurance covers various damage claims whether it be malicious or accidental. This is usually part of buildings and contents insurance, ensuring damages costs are covered.

Property owners’ liability insurance

It may be easy to overlook this insurance but in the situation that a member of the public or your tenants are injured on the property, liability insurance will protect you from the exorbitant fees involved.

This policy offers peace of mind that you won’t be paying for an injury that wasn’t your fault.

What Types Of Portfolio Landlord Insurance Are Available In The UK?

The following types of multi-property insurance are available in the UK:

Standard portfolio insurance

  • Most common type
  • Includes buildings insurance, contents insurance, loss of rent cover and property owners’ liability

Specialist portfolio insurance

  • Focused on specific property types, such as a long-term holiday rental property
  • Includes standard cover with additional tweaks as per each property type

Residential portfolio insurance

  • Caters to landlords with multiple houses, flats or HMOs
  • Includes standard cover geared toward residential dwellings

Commercial portfolio insurance

  • Caters to landlords with multiple commercial properties
  • These buildings include factories, warehouses, shops or office blocks
  • This insurance policy is tailored for bigger, industrial buildings

What Add-Ons Are Available For Portfolio Landlord Insurance? 

Here’s our list of optional cover you can add to your landlord insurance policy:

Employers liability cover

This is a legal requirement if you employ staff at any of your residential and commercial properties. These employees may include cleaners, gardeners or property managers.

Landlord emergency cover

This insurance for multiple properties can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re managing 10+ properties. Landlord emergency cover will send out a contractor to deal with whatever issue may arise, such as plumbers for burst pipes or building professionals to mend broken stairwells.

However, there are generally clauses tied to this type of policy, such as when you can and can’t make a claim as well as claim limits. Best to check these finer details with your chosen insurance provider.

Theft by tenant cover

As the name suggests, if tenants steal any of your belongings you’ll be covered for it with this policy add-on.

Boiler cover

Should your boiler or heating system break, this policy add-on will cost repair or replacement costs.

Replacement key cover

If you or your tenants lose your keys you can get them replaced and reprogrammed with this policy add-on. This policy may transcend to locksmith services if keys are locked in the property unit.

Temporary accommodation cover

If you need to relocate tenants temporarily, say after a fire or flood damage, this policy provides financial aid when paying for alternative accommodation while the property is being repaired and restored.

Personal accident insurance

If a third-party person is injured on your property they may bring a claim against you. This applies in the event of disability or death. Usually, a maximum amount of £50,000 is paid out or a weekly benefit of £250 per week.

Terrorism cover

This policy provides financial support if your properties are damaged as a result of terrorism. Acts of terrorism are defined as damages caused by someone acting on behalf of an organisation.

Note: This add-on does not apply to residential and commercial properties in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.

How Much Does Portfolio Landlord Insurance Cost?

How Can Multiple Property Landlords Reduce Insurance Premiums?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is portfolio landlord insurance?

Multi-property landlord insurance is a type of property insurance policy specifically designed for landlords with a portfolio of properties (numerous properties).

How many properties make up a portfolio?

Usually, 4+ residential or commercial properties (or a combination of the two) are considered a “portfolio”.

Who can get landlord property cover?

Generally, anyone over 21 (or 25 in some instances) who owns a residential or commercial building in the UK is eligible for this kind of insurance, granted they are rented out to tenants.

Is landlord portfolio insurance compulsory?

No, landlord portfolio insurance is not a mandatory requirement by UK law but it is highly advised to invest in against potential property risks and damages.

How many commercial and residential properties can be covered under a portfolio?

Depending on the insurance supplier you opt for, some policies offer protection for up to 15 properties under any one single policy! This level of flexibility is unrivalled and is perfect for a portfolio of mixed properties.

Is multi-property insurance worth it for landlords?

If your portfolio includes several properties, with various types of properties, then, yes, this policy is crucial. It saves valuable time that would have otherwise been needed to check on all properties and keep up with every renewal date and shift in your portfolio.

If you’re juggling commercial property alongside residential homes, this is the easiest way to keep on track with your business.