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Does business insurance cover food delivery work?

Those looking to start working as fast food delivery drivers may wonder what insurance cover they need, and whether their current insurance policy will cover them.

If you have business use car insurance in place, you sadly won’t be covered for food delivery work, and you will need specialist insurance to make sure you’re legally compliant and protected.

Read on to discover what business insurance is, which food delivery insurance you need, and how SimplyQuote can help you save on your insurance cover.

What does business insurance cover?

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What insurance will you need as a delivery driver?

What add-ons can you get for food delivery insurance?

How much does food delivery insurance cost?

How can you reduce the cost of food delivery insurance?

How To Compare Insurance With SimplyQuote?

Comparing insurance quotes with SimplyQuote couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Complete the online form with your personal and vehicle details.
  2. Choose your level of cover and policy add-ons.
  3. Compare quotes from leading insurance providers in the UK.
  4. Save money by finding the best deal today.
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Final thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get a business use insurance policy?

You will need business use car insurance if you use your car to drive to multiple work locations, or if one of your coworkers or employees uses a business vehicle to drive to work locations. This includes:

  • Driving to meetings or work sites at several locations (e.g. tradespeople).
  • If you need to run a business-related errand during working hours.
  • Door-to-door sales.
  • If you’re driving clients around in your vehicle.
  • Colleagues having to drive your car.

People working the following jobs should consider getting a business use policy:

  • Plumbers, electricians or building contractors
  • Consultants
  • Estate agents
  • Company executives
  • Freelancers who work at multiple locations
What is hire and reward insurance?

Hire and reward insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that’s required by anyone who makes deliveries in exchange for payment. It applies to delivery drivers as well as taxi drivers who transport passengers or goods.