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What is hire and reward insurance?

Delivery drivers, taxi drivers and couriers may be wondering what kind of insurance cover they need. The answer is hire and reward insurance.

This type of car insurance allows you to carry people, parcels, or packages in exchange for money. It provides cover should you cause an accident and injure a member of the public (or damage their property), your passengers, or your own vehicle.

Read on to discover more about hire and reward insurance and who needs this type of cover.

What you need to know about hire and reward insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will hire and reward policies cover social use?

It depends on your insurance provider. In most cases, an annual hire and reward policy will include SD&P cover, whereas it is excluded from monthly and pay-as-you-go policies.

How can you get a hire and reward insurance quote?

Use SimplyQuote‘s free online comparison tool to compare hire and reward insurance quotes from leading insurance providers. It is simple to use, and you can find the best deals in just a couple of clicks!

Is hire and reward and business use insurance the same?

No, business use insurance and hire and reward insurance are not the same. Despite some insurance companies claiming hire and reward is a type of Class 3 business insurance, there are differences.

Business car insurance covers you if you use your vehicle to drive to different work locations. Class 3 business insurance includes people who drive long distances for work (but the driving is not part of the job, like travelling salesmen).

Hire and reward insurance is specifically for people who use their vehicle to deliver goods or transport passengers, like couriers, taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and food delivery drivers.