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Finding a new or first-time insurance policy can be a nightmare. There is paperwork and different insurance providers, and it’s just an overall stressful situation.

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What Does Salvage Insurance Cover?

What Are The Four Categories Of The Vehicle Salvage Code

The different categories of the Vehicle Salvage Code, created by the Association of British Insurers, are important as they can impact the type of insurance you need, as well as the costs of securing cover.

The four categories are:

Category A

The car is beyond repair, a complete write-off, and none of the parts can be salvaged. The car should be crushed.

Category B

Some parts of the car can be salvaged, but the shell of the vehicle should be crushed.

Category S

This is not a written-off car. There is structural damage to Cat S cars, but it can be fixed. However, the repair-to-value ratio (i.e. the repair cost vs the market value) doesn’t make sense from an insurance perspective. However, the car can be repaired, resold and driven if it is made roadworthy.

Category N

The vehicle is structurally sound and can be safe to drive. There may be issues with braking, or steering, electrical components or cosmetic damage. The car can be fixed, but it might not be cost-effective from an insurance perspective. However, if made roadworthy, the car can be resold and driven.

What Add-Ons Are Available For Salvage Insurance?

How Much Does Salvage Insurance Cost?

How Can I Get Cheaper Salvage Insurance Rates?

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Quickly compare salvage insurance with SimplyQuote in just four steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is salvage insurance?

Salvage insurance is a type of motor trade insurance that is suitable for businesses that specialise in vehicle salvage.

What are the recent changes to the Vehicle Salvage Code?
  • Category N replaced what was formerly Category D, which stated that a car that suffered structural damage could be fixed but the cost to do this would be more than its value.
  • Category S replaced what was formerly Category C, which stated that a car could be fixed for less than its value but the likelihood was that transportation and admin fees would bring the cost up beyond the car’s value.