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Why Compare Road Risk Insurance With SimplyQuote?

Anyone in the motor trade industry knows how stressful it is to look after vehicles you don’t own. As a business owner, these stresses can often keep you up at night, especially when staff are involved.

Luckily, SimplyQuote’s 100% free, online comparison tool takes the hassle and stress out of finding cheaper road risk insurance. Access suitable quotes from leading UK insurers in just a few clicks.

It could not be more simple!

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What Does Road Risk Insurance Cover?

What Should Motor Traders Consider When Opting For Road Risk Insurance?

What Add-Ons Are Available For Road Risk Insurance?

Here is a list of optional extras you can add to your road risk insurance policy:

Business premises insurance

Cover the likes of garages, office buildings, showrooms and workshops from fire, floods, burglary and vandalism.

Contents insurance

Covers items in offices such as computers, laptops, printers and furniture.

Tools and equipment insurance

Covers your tools of the trade, specialist equipment and machinery.

Employers’ liability insurance

This is a legal requirement if you employ staff, including casual and part-time workers.

If not, you can expect a daily £2,500 fine until you have this in place.

Employer liability insurance offers protection in case a staff member becomes ill because of work or is injured at work and decides to file a claim against you.

Product liability insurance

Protect your business if a faulty product is fitted which later causes an accident or serious bodily harm.

Public liability insurance

Offers financial protection if a member of the public sustains an injury that your business is responsible for. It covers all compensation and legal costs.

Named drivers

Stipulate who can drive vehicles during business operating hours.

Personal cover

A normal road risk insurance policy won’t cover personal vehicles. Opt for this policy add-on to ensure you can drive vehicles for both motor trade business purposes and personal use.

Demonstration use

Demonstration use permits potential customers to drive vehicles that you have in stock before they make the final decision to purchase them, such as showrooms and dealerships.

Note: There’s no “one-size-fits-all” insurance for a motor trade business. Road risk cover is a legal necessity for motor traders but depends on your specific business activities.

How Much Does Road Risk Insurance Cost?

How Can You Get Cheaper Road Risk Insurance Rates?

How To Compare Road Risk Insurance With SimplyQuote?

Comparing road risk insurance cover with SimplyQuote is quick and hassle-free:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is road risk insurance?

Road risk insurance is a type of motor trade insurance cover that is specifically designed for motor trade businesses that drive cars that don’t belong to them, such as mechanics or valets.

Does road risks insurance only apply to motor cars?

No, road risks cover applies to all modes of transport in the motor trade industry, including motorcycles, trucks, coaches and lorries.

What happens if I don’t have road risk insurance in the UK?

You’ll receive a £300 fine and six penalty points on your driving license if you’re caught without a road risk insurance policy in the UK.