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How to get food delivery insurance

The demand for quick and convenient meal solutions has led to a boom in the food delivery sector. In the UK, where getting your favourite meals delivered right to your doorstep has become a part of everyday life, it’s crucial to protect your delivery business.

With the UK making up a large chunk of Europe’s takeaway sales, ensuring your business is covered financially is essential, whether you’re delivering locally or to a wider area.

In this article, you’ll find straightforward advice on getting the right food delivery insurance. We’ll show you how to pick the best provider and what you need to get your policy set up. Read on for practical tips on keeping your business safe and sound.

Why you should consider using a comparison site

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What information do I need to get food delivery insurance?

How much does food delivery insurance cost?

Insurance TypeVehicle TypeCost Range
Pay-As-You-Go CarUp to £0.80 per hour
ScooterUp to £0.70 per hour
Monthly Insurance CarFrom £90 for 30 days
Scooter From £50 for 30 days
VanFrom £110 for 30 days
Annual Policies CarFrom £930 annually
ScooterFrom £890 annually
VanFrom £1010 annually

How to compare food delivery insurance quotes

How to get an accurate food delivery insurance quote

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How does food delivery insurance differ from traditional car insurance?

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How does pay-as-you-go delivery insurance work?

Why does food delivery insurance cost more than personal car insurance?